Exemplary Projects

Exemplary Doctoral Book Project #1

This book project was submitted by AHU Natural Health doctoral graduate, Susan Hall, ND, PhD. You may review the table of contents below, then download and view the cover by clicking on the attached jpeg


Dedications, Acknowledgement, Disclaimer VIII
Introduction XI
Part 1: First Circle of Health 1
Physical Health: Nutrition and Exercise
CHAPTER I: Testimonial on Nutrition and 2
Herbal Remedies
CHAPTER II: Ph Testing and Acid-Alkaline Foods 10
CHAPTER III: Supplements and Organic Foods 23
CHAPTER IV: Blood Types and Food Selections 27
CHAPTER V: Proper Food Combinations 37
CHAPTER VI: Physical Exercise 47
Part 2: Second Circle of Health 51
Mental Health: Inner Light and Emotions
CHAPTER VII: The Inner Light, 52
Your Subconscious Mind
Part 3: Third Circle of Health 62
Spiritual Health: Values and Beliefs
CHAPTER VIII: Spiritual Growth and Holiness 63
Part 4: Natural Health 72
CHAPTER IX: Natural Health Care Options 73
1. Acupuncture
2. Applied Kinesiology
3. Aromatherapy/Essential Oils
4. Biofeedback
5. Body Work
6. Cell Therapy
7. Chelation Therapy
8. Chiropractic
9. Craniosacral Therapy
10. Detoxification Therapy
11. Energy Medicine
12. Environmental Medicine
13. Enzyme Therapy
14. Flower Essence
15. Guided Imagery
16. Herbal Medicine
17. Homeopathy
18. Hypnotherapy
19. Light Therapy
20. Magnetic Therapy
21. Naturopathic Medicine
22. Neural Therapy
23. Osteopathic Medicine
24. Oxygen Therapy
25. Prolotherapy
26. Qigong and Tai Chi
27. Sound therapy
28. Yoga
CHAPTER X: One Man’s Journey 100
CHAPTER XI: Assessment tools 105
Conclusion 110
Resources 111
• Sample Hair Analysis 119
• Dr. Hall’s eye chart 132

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